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About Us

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was create self care products for my mom to use. As I got older, I strayed away from it only to find myself back at it again, but this time with my own personal needs attached.

My desire to make skin care products resurfaced in late 2017. I had been dealing with skin breakouts for a few years  and I was tired of having them and not knowing the root cause. I went to a few specialists, none of which offered much resolve to my skin issues. My primary doctor wasn't of much help either so I took it upon myself to help eliminate as many toxins as possible by creating my own products for my skin.

I started by making little stuff here and there. I would leave some products in my bathroom and my mom and friends would try it when they came over. 

and thus "Kissed by Cocoa" was born!

The goal here at Kissed by Cocoa is to make products that are made with natural ingredients to help each individual achieve their own skin glow goals while consistently encouraging and promoting the need for self care.

...Sending Cocoakissesz...